Review: Space Engineers


Earlier this year, I picked up Space Engineers while it was at a reduced price on Steam. This is my review.

While not related to the 2D game I’m making, Space Engineers is useful from the development standpoint. The developer is active, and constantly in contact with the community that plays it. In fact, the developer releases updates weekly, containing bug fixes, new features, or added content.

That being said, the game isn’t flawless. Numerous bugs, mostly related to the multiplayer netcode, can make the game frustrating at times, particularly when the bug requires you to restart the program, not just the save you’ve loaded. Some bugs are more prominent than others, to the point where YouTubers who play Space Engineers have made satirical videos about said bugs, with one of the more notable being a machinima about the hazards of landing gear.

But despite the flaws, it is still a fun game to play. The ability to explore a procedurally generated space, in a spacecraft that you (or possibly someone else) designed and built separates it from others, leading to a truly unique experience.


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