Why So Serious?

So, this is our next project.

Studio IV – Serious Gaming

Serious Games – a Game NOT for Entertainment!
The ‘Serious’ Mobile Game for Young People
Term 1) As a game design start-up company, create a concept around the theme of ‘Serious Games’. Set up a company (co-starters), a brand and construct one prototype, a mini-game for mobile phone based on SPARX aimed at young people who would like to feel less stressed/depressed or happier.
Prepare and deliver a 3 minutes (video) pitch that illustrates your concept, ideas and prototype.
This should meet the following criteria:
1) playable, fun, engaging  AND
2) achieves a serious objective of either:
a) encouraging people to complete the full therapeutic intervention SPARX online
b) reminding people who have started SPARX of some key skills and concepts in SPARX
c) teaching people one or two key ideas from SPARX and ensuring that they can get more serious help if needed.


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