Minor – Week 6

So far, progress has been good.

We started with an idea, developed it, and now we are a fair way through the prototype, so everything has been going smoothly and fairly fast.

Coding the scene has been the most challenging process so far; this is primarily due to difficulties with Unity more than anything else, and some script functions not working as intended. One of these issues appeared in the script controlling the motion of boxes and the door opening. The script, in different versions, tried to get the euler angles – which worked – and the local euler angles – which didn’t. As a result, I’m working on a universal script to actuate the doors and box lids, with what to move being specified in the editor.

Also solved this week was the lighting. Before, it was baking the lighting once, then not refreshing it upon reloading the scene. This was because the lighting was set to dynamically bake the lighting, and the baking was paused for the duration that the editor was playing. However, by baking the lighting once before running it, and setting it to bake manually only, it now works fine.

We also demonstrated our current prototype at the Auckland Game Developers Meetup, where we received helpful feedback in regards to the project. Specifically, one of the comments will definitely be implemented in the game – having a developer keypress command to show all collision and trigger objects in the scene.


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