Week 8 – Back from Break

Over the mid-semester break, we got several things done. We refined the lighting – in the process, removing the slight edge reflections that had appeared on all the objects, due to the presence of reflection probes.

I added more player interaction, allowing the player to move levers by clicking while the mouse cursor, and by extension the reticle in the center of the Oculus viewport, is over them. However, we have yet to add any additional functionality to these levers other than the visual effect of the interaction.

We also continued the process of texturing the assorted scene items, and are steadily getting closer to a somewhat finished item.

In addition to these, I have also started Oculus testing of the project. However, due to integration bugs in Unity 5.6 – some of which may be in part caused by the Oculus control and driver software currently being used in the testing environment – we have yet to successfully run the project on an Oculus headset. However, I hope this will change after updating the Oculus software to the latest consumer version, as this is most likely the current version supported by both Unity and the Oculus tools for Unity.


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