Year 3 Project – Week 15

Last night, the first prototype was presented at the Auckland Game Developers Meetup.


This test highlighted some issues with the game. However, none of those were issues with the concept, as they were related to content and mechanics.

The main feedback I received was that I needed to add some features in regards to locating the fossils in the world space, as they tended to blend in. I also received feedback that suggested that I add more fossils to find, and that I make the area where the player can dig for fossils more obvious. Other than those, the reception was positive.

From these, the most relevant are the first two. Making the fossils easier to find will be my first change, and this will be detailed in a future post once I have decided how to accomplish that. And more content will be added once the core features are working and bug-free.

As for making it easier to spot the dig-able areas – they are already a different shade than the environment surrounding them, and they are flat areas in an otherwise undulating terrain. So at the moment, no changes are to be made there.

EDIT: Due to network problems, inserted content links were not working as intended. New, updated links are available in a new post, and nonfuctional ones have been removed.


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